Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Emmy, The Orange Hen"
Acrylic and collage
5" x 7"

Here it is the 365th face. It has now been one year since I started this face a day business, and I'm back to chickens (a subject I painted and drew in a different life). I love birds faces. They have a lot of expression in those beady eyes. I have had chickens and enjoyed watching them preen and scratch. I used to have a parrot named Sparky who would sit on my shoulder as I worked, until I had my first child (Sparky was put into a large cage,but he hated that child as the baby took the birds place in my arms). Sparky was very entertaining as he would help me with what ever I was doing. If I was sewing, Sparky would pull the pins out-usually before I had sewn that section; when I was painting, Sparky would grab the end of my brush with his beak in order to chew on it. That made for some very interesting strokes. When I admonished Sparky for his very busy beak, he would roll his eyes around as if to say, "What? I'm just trying to help." sparky was a great friend and it will always sadden me to think of his untimely death. He nibbled on a houseplant that was deadly to him (be warned all bird lovers). It was so tragic. He truly was a great bird. But, I warn you about parrots; they are extremely social and demand a lot of attention. The bigger the bird the bigger the mess and the bite (they need to chew). When I am older and without young children to tend to I may consider another bird.


rscoach said...

Carol - I have been meaning to send you a comment - I loooove your idea of a face a day - you inspired me to start doing left hand (non-dominant hand) face drawings daily - I draw them in my artist journal and color with Tombo (my favorites) markers - I actually gave one to my close friend for her b'day -
I love your chickens - I have always loved roosters - not sure why (not the real ones but sculptures) - know that they hold special meaning in Portugal but don't know the whole story - thanks for posting your info on the blog - artechniques (I think) - Love your work and your idea! Blessings - Reva (Los Angeles)

carolk said...

Thanks Reva for the comment. For me the chicken represents (birds)the eteral mystery, Which came first the Chicken or the egg. According to Barbara G. WAlker in her book, The Woman's Dictionary of Symblos and Sacred Objects the Rooster is the symbol of the Phallus. She goes on to say, "In jewish tradition the cock was almost universally accepted as asubstitute for a man. the hebrew word for cock , "gever" also means "man". The Kapparah atonement offering involves killing a cock and passing its body around the head of the offender with the words, "this fowl is my substitute, this is my surrogate, this is my atonement."
In greek paganism the bird was sacred to Asclepius, the god who was able to resurrect the dead."
she has more to say. A great resource if you are into symbols and there meaning. CarolK