About Me

Welcome to my blog site. I recently saw a site, "A Collage a Day" by Randel Plowman and I was so inspired I created a site Faceaday.blogspot.com.  I need deadlines.  But that was a few years ago. This blog is a record of some of my work, and the many ideas running through my mind.
As an artist, eyes are my very favorite symbol to draw and since faces are attached it is only logical to add the rest of the features. I like to work in many different mediums, but these days mostly devote my time to jewelry making.   I am inspired by many things, faces, trees, animals, patterns, textures and color and more. I love stories that teach and am interested in archetypes and symbols.

I am a blessed individual with great kids, a loving husband and a passion to create.  My passion for art is what keeps me young and enthusiastic for life.

I'd love to hear your comments.