Monday, September 17, 2007

Yantra Necklace and Pendants

Here is my face for the day. This is the back of the Yantra pendant.
Close-up of front- this is a Yantra, a symbol used for meditation. The Yoni is the upside down triangle which represents female creativity-"shakti"is its name in Hindi. The flower is the lotus which is symbolic of the simultaneity of life and death, the border represents the four directions or elements. The pendant is concave like a bowl, the female being the container of life.
"Sri Yantra" necklace. Fine Silver, Turquoise,
Coral and Amber to name a few of the beads. 18"Here are the pendants I made today.


Anne said...

Ton pendentif est superbe !! j'adore !!!

carolk said...

Merci beacoup Anne