Thursday, December 06, 2007

Art from the kids at CMS

Boy has time been flying. I have been so busy and I apologize for not putting anything on this space for those of you who have lookilood in the past weeks to find the same old images! So here are some pictures of some of the stuff I've been up to lately. Lots of art lessons at my daughter's school, Children's Montessori School of Lompoc:

This is a contour drawing of a whisk by Thomas who is six years old and quite the artist.
Above is hannah who also chose the whisk to draw.
This is Thomas who likes to draw dinosaurus as do the other boys in the class.
Here are a bunch of Horse Ornaments the students made out of corks. I just love them, and no, I did not drink all of the wine to get these corks!!
Ruth made this fabulous cake with the skull on top and candles on the side. I know I'm partial to her work, but i just love this!!!

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Hello Im enjoying reading your blog and looking at the pictures, so thankyou for sharing. Can I ask you though do you make the horse ornaments, they are gorgeous and the reason Im asking is because i have just been handed the awesome task of keeping 50/70 kids occupied that are in vacation care her in my home town and I have two huge containers of corks and this ornamental would be wonderful for my kids to make. Is it at all possible to get a brief tutorial or do you know where I can find one. I just need to know the basics on how they are attached [legs to body]?? Is it with wire or glue?? I would very much appreciate anything you can tell me. kind regards and smiles Michelle