Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ruth and I had a great time in San Rafael visiting my mother and sisters. We stopped in San Francisco to have tea at the Japenese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park-I really had to restrain myself from going into the De Young Museum as that was not Ruth's choice. We went to Japantown and Ruth bought a beautiful Orange (black on the inside)teapot with cups. I forgot my camera, so no pictures of that :(. We stopped in San Luis Obispo at border"s for a rest on the drive home and I purchased Stephanie Lee's new book, Semi-Predious Salvage. Below are some peices inspired from her book.

I've used plaster to make molds for paper casting, but now I can use the casts of plaster. Endless possibilities!!!!

You can't see it well, but I learned a new way to make a bar to hold a bead. (above)

Stephanie shows how to make a bracelet with a spoon, but she stamped the letters into the metal. My letters slid all over the place so I made a metal collage. I was very happy with the rivets, something I learned from Keith LoBue at Artfest two years ago.

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