Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mixed Media Jewelry- Weaving and Metal Clay

I have been having a lot of fun making jewelry. This one below is woven-remember making baskets with pine needles. Very similar, but with SS wire on a bottle cap. I love finding uses for all those bottle caps I save!!

"Crow Weave"
Found Objects ,Sterling Silver, Collage, Mica

"Dancing Women"

Fine Silver, Iolite

I made a impression with two part silicon from a friend's glass perfume bottle and cast metal clay.

"WHoly Man"

fine Silver, Brass, Citrine, Garnet, sterling silver,24K gold

This is a hollow bead, the form was made with cork clay. I sculpted the face and added 24k goldcasting grains for the eyes.

"Three egg Nest"

Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Pearls, Garnet

I have not been successful photographing these nests I make. Sorry for the poor picture.

"Buddha with Coral"

Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Coral, Turquoise

I don't tire of the Bhudda.

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