Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Getting ready for a few shows

I have been working long hours getting ready for a show in Santa Barbara. On the 4th of July, Syd and I will be showing and selling our wares at the Alternate Mission Art Show at 2227 Garden Ave at the corner of Pueblo and Garden from 10am-5pm, and on the 6th we will be at Dinosaur Caves at Shell Beach off the 101. I have books, paintings and jewelry. Below are a few things. Sorry the photos are lousy but my photographer is on vacation!!

Red Belly
6" x 6"

Yellow Belly on Cigar box Lid


6" x 8"

Buddha Spoon Bracelet

Sterling Silver Spoon with fine Silver, copper, turquoise, and coral

Sterling Silver Spoon, Fine Silver, Copper, Peruvian Opal,
Coral and Carnelian
Did you know that Delphos means both fish and womb in greek and that the fish is a symbol of the Great Goddess BC? I love history.

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