Wednesday, August 26, 2009

San Francisco has the best food!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I went up north to hang with my family and my mom took Ruth for a day so I could go to San Francisco with my cousin Teresa. Now Tia lives in Santa Barbara, but she used to live in SF when I was a wee teenager. I used to take the ferry from Marin (where I grew up) and walk the streets (window shopping). I loved it. At 16, when I got my license, my parents let me borrow the car and I would go hang out with Teresa, aka Tia. I learned how to drive pretty well on those hills driving a stick!!! Oh, and I know how to parallel park too.
Flash forward to August 2009 and this is the wonderful dessert Tia and I shared at B Star Restaurant on Clement. It is Burmese Fusion and fantastic. Below is a close up of the lotus fries.

Below is the pulled pork sandwich we shared. (Notice Tia's coconut? I had a Thai iced tea.)
Below is the most wonderful salad we shared. It is called Tea Leaf Salad and is beautifully served with dried lentils, dried garlic, jalapenos,tomatoes, sunflower seeds and fermented tea leafs- all on a bed of Romaine Lettuce. The waiter (very cute) brought it to the table, squeezed the lemon and tossed it for us. It was the best!!!! (Tia and I asked the waiter if we could taste the tea leaves before he tossed it-they were fantastic!!!!)
Can you see the City in the background? Before we ate lunch we visited the Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum and were given a private tour of the John Baldessari exhibit which, had I not gotten the docent tour, I would not have understood or appreciated. I love art- and even more when I understand where the artist head is at while creating. One of his pieces is a page full of the sentence, "I will not create boring art." And it wasn't!!!!

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