Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Inspiration from Anne Bagby and Gustav Klimt

Today I watched a video by Anne Bagby whose work reminds me of Gustav Klimt (one of my very favorite artist -he was a Viennese secessionist of the early 20th c and a leader of the Symbolist and Art Nouveau, The Kiss probably the most recognized of his work-his Father was an engraver of gold an silver and no doubt that attributes to Klimt's ease with gold-he was also trained as a decorative artist).  But I digress-Anne Bagby is a meticulous artist whose work has always captured my attention as she creates the most beautiful images full of texture and faces.  above is the beginnings of painting deli paper on which I will stamp.

I used hand carved stamps as Anne does, though she is much more careful then I. She is very precise.

Above is what she calls complicated papers.  I have collaged a bunch of papers onto deli papers.  She uses the stamped paper as well as others to create these unique papers.  I will slice mine up and use it to create a weave.


This gets pretty busy but I have never been a minimalist.

Above I laid out 5 canvas within which I will find a figure by painting in an abstract manner until I see a one.  I got one out of five the first round (these canvases started as white).  One has to adjust one's mind to paint the negative shapes to create the positive.

This canvas has a few layers of black and then white and then black to find this "Olympianesk" figure.

You can see how I have started to collage the negative space.  The papers on the top half are the ones I created with the stamp on black.  I have begun to glaze over them with copper. I'm loving this process!!!

These papers that I have collaged with are from the fine paper section of any reputable art store.  The spiral is very Klimt.  I got a lot done today and can't wait for tomorrow!!!

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Carol Wiebe said...

Fantastic, Carol. I am another Carol who loves Anne Bagby's work. You have done her process proud!