Monday, February 08, 2010

goddess worship through jewelry, roman glass, resin, collage, too much fun!!!

I have been taking a jewelry class in Santa Barbara at Adult Ed. in order to improve my soldering skills. Above is a Sterling Silver pendant I made with Roman Glass beads.  Forgive the bad color as I left my tripod (that my hubby gave me for xmas) at the Art Clinic.  I will take a better picture but wanted to add it here tonight.  The spiral has been soldered to the bezel, which I made (tra la) and the cool textured background is made with a tool in class, which I do not know the name of, but it is like a mini pneumatic hammer which leaves a small pit in the silver which picks up the patina so nicely.  Oh, and those are roman glass beads that come from an excavation site in Afghanistan- those beads are about 2000 years old!!!  From some old garbage heap I bet.

I just recently purchased a video from Interweave publishing on Resin by Susan Lenart Kasmer.
she is very creative and although I have been using resin for bottle caps for awhile now, SLK takes the product to another level.  Above is a piece of paper that I coated with resin on a silver open bezel.  When I trimmed the resin, the paper fell off so I stitched it on with ss wire, an idea I will explore more.  Below is the backside.


Below is another lousy picture- this is a bezel I made to house this goddess collage.Originally I was not going to use resin but got carried away when playing with the other pieces.  This was supposed to have a mica top with a ss frame cold connected together so that the shells and gears inside could move freely.  I will make another later. I do like this composition, non the less.


Below is a save job on a bezel I created in class.  Both of these have texture on the back by the way.
Only the center of this has resin.  That way the little spokes of silver can move.  I really like the way this turned out.  Behind the paper collage is copper mesh.  That egg shapes houses the tree of life, in case you didn't recognize it.

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