Friday, August 27, 2010

New work-Enamel Art Jewelry and Gocco Prints

Transformation Hand water colored Gocco Print.  I have been super productive these past few months.  I started selling at the Santa Barbara Beach Walk.  Come by and say "hi" if you are in SB on a sunday.  It has been a great experience.  The summer has flown by with all Ruth's activities keeping me on my toes (as well as my own).  I really do need an assistent!!!  Selling at the beach means everything has to be handmade, and original, which of course, is what I do anyway, but they won't,as of this writing, allow me to show work that has reproductions of my work, such as collages made with my repos.  That encouraged me to start printing with my gocco printer and experiment with registration, which to those of you who are print makers may take for granted, but I am not so precise so it has been a challenge.  I love it though, as I am learning a lot. And as if I don't have enough work, I have begun learning how to create websites (I am actively making one for my artwork) and sites for affiliate marketing.  It is a lot of info to learn, and it takes a lot of time, but I truly enjoy it.  I am determined to figure this stuff out!!!  I am hoping that soon, when you come to this page in the future you will be redirected to my new website at  at the moment it is under construction, but soon it will be ready to view.  I'll let you know!!!

Magenta Finch, Gocco Print 5.25x5.25inch    
Nestling Gocco Print on dictionary paper. Each print is a bit different due to the paper.
Power of the Nest Gocco Print
Nest II Gocco Print
Pomegranates Gocco Prints
Black Crows,Red Dot II Gocco Print
Black Crows, Red Dot I Gocco Print
Enamel Landscape on copper with etched copper frame and Ammonite. This is a project to include my enamel skills.  I loved making these pieces and they have been selling well I am happy to report.
Enamel Landscape on copper with etched copper frame with sterling silver sticks (notice the Egyptian hieroglyphics).
Enamel with ss sticks side view
Enamel Landscape on copper with etched copper frame and pen quill (is that what you can the point?)
Back of above piece.  Notice the etched bird on the back.  I created all of these on used etched plates which I could no longer get a good stamp in silver. Nothing goes to waste!!!

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Diane said...

I just love your bird prints, especially the crows! So glad you commented on my blog so I could swing over to yours!