Monday, January 17, 2011

Linda Welch, Book Arts and Crows

Life is good. 

Art making is fabulous.
  This past week I made a bunch of really cool books that can’t be opened-  (can you see the Crow in the slide?) they have prayers inside and are bound up very tightly.

The special box is made of slides.

The books live in a special box I made from slides, so that when you take the book out of the box and put the box up to the light you see a 3D image.

                                                                          See I can do 3D too!!! 

My friend asked me if I was going to be able to sell them and I replied that these books are Fine Art- art for the purpose of art; expanding and exercising your curiosity muscle for no other reason but to commune with the awe of the universe.  If someone gets the same juice from looking at them as I do, they will want one for their own. 

Last year when I moved my son to Portland I visited a gallery there called  23 Sandy Gallery
 They were having a show on Book arts and I absolutely fell in love with Linda Welch - Concealed Within Series
I purchased two from the "Concealed Within Series" and have loved those books- they sit on a shelf above my printing station, and I have longed to make my version of these mini masterpieces and was so pleased to add my rendition.  Thank you Linda for the inspiration. 

My books are made from papers I use in preparation for print making and some are from papers I used for life drawing warm-ups, paper that would otherwise be thrown out. All of the books have prayers of peace and prosperity in them.

It has been a busy time, as the end of the year always is, but now I need to replenish myself as I gear up to get ready for the shows of the new year.

I allowed myself the time to make these books because I needed to do something other then jewelry.  I was later able to go back to my jewelry worktable and finish some items that needed work etc…  Not that I don’t enjoy making jewelry, but at times I need to make art just to make art, and I miss getting my hands in the glue and paint. 

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