Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Reunion

                                                     My family reunion is coming up in August.  We have a very lively and loud family, very loving and special.  Every three years we have a get together at my parents property in Mendocino County, 20 miles west of Ukiah and 20 miles east of Mendocino proper. There is a few decks for sleeping on and a large fire pit for cooking the food.  My dad built a sauna with a tradition Finnish wood burning stove to heat the rocks.  He also built, with other family members, a cesspool for one flush toilet.  You sit on the "throne" and look out over a forest of trees, redwood, firs, madrone and lots of beech trees.  I have been thinking about a design for the t-shirt for a few months but didn't have the time to work on it until recently.  I made a few designs, one of which I liked but decided it wasn't unisex so in the eleventh hour I went with a freehand sketch of a tree.  I forgot most everything I learned in my graphic software classes so I really had to keep it simple, but I'm happy with it.  Sometimes less is more, especially when you are out of time.  I hope my family likes it. 

                                                       This is the front of the shirt

and this is the back, (Ruth's idea)

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BBBnL said...

Kepler and the family approve of the tshirt design...we will wear it with pride.