Friday, October 25, 2013

All you need is LOVE

October 25,2013   6 am Write for 10 min.
This morning I recognize the value of consistent writing.  I know that I would be more confident with upcoming events if I were to do so – write on a more consistent behavior, I tend to not be consistent with anything- maybe that is my consistency and I can hear Spirit saying that there is no time frame from which to work so it is not necessary to beat myself up about my lack of consistency.  The point here is that time is a construct of man therefore it has no bearing on the world of Spirit, so everything is at the right time.  That is a very sobering thought when you consider that everything is just right, that there is no thing that is out of time, you are not late, you are not unaccomplished, you are just where you are and that is okay.  Even if you are in the deepest of Hells, you are just where you need to be, everything is an opportunity to learn the lesson of love, which of course is the only lesson.  Everything boils down to love, love of neighbor, love of father and mother, love of sister and brother, love of GOD which is another way of saying, love of SELF.  In fact all of these, love of… is love of self.  Every single situation in life, every gut wrenching, heart stomping, and life flattening experience is an opportunity to love SELF in all forms and guises. 
I lay in bed and try to quiet my mind, I imagine a painting my cousin has on her wall of a bindu, a large circle with a dot inside, she tells me it is the representation of the cosmic mind in the Hindu tradition, it is the center of consciousness and if you meditate on it you will raise your consciousness.  I think about the Bhagavad Gita and how the story is a tool for opening your consciousness, a story I have listened to over and over again and I will continue to.  I think about the 72 names of God, found in the Torah or the Old Testament of Holy Scripture, that if you meditate on the 72 names of God as they are written in Hebrew you will open your consciousness.  And where does that consciousness lead- right back to love, to loving yourself, to SELF Love which is all we are here in physical form to do, to remember that we are love, that everything is love, that we are here to experience everything, deemed good and bad (as we live in a dualistic realm) with love.
“That is absurd” I hear you say, “Have you been listening to the news lately? Do you not see the horrible way that people treat each other and the world?  What part of that is love?”  Great question. That which you experience as horrible and unloving is that which is caused by the lack of love. The universe operates from a stance of BEING, there is no good or bad, everything just is.  If Mankind destroys itself, the water, the air, the Earth, well you know you cannot destroy energy. It is only transformed. So, life as we know it may not exist, but life will continue, you at your core, will continue along with every other speck of energy- which is everything.  So if you remove the idea of annihilation then you can proceed without fear. Part of waking up your consciousness is waking up to the fact that you have nothing to fear.  When you can acknowledge that you can act, think and Be from a position of love.  Every step that you take will come from love.  It seems so simplistic, but if you moved through your day, making all of your choices from love: is this a loving act to my body to eat this food, is this a loving act to my household to clean this floor, is this a loving act to speak to my child this way, is this a loving act to allow that car to go in front of me, is this a loving act to smile at the stranger, is this a loving act to watch this TV program, is this a loving act to create this art… is this a loving act to wage war, to shut down the government, to overcharge, to recycle, to speak to myself like I am lesser than? 
As I read the words I write, I recognize that they seem simplistic,and idealistic, but what if we all approached everything we did with that question in mind?  What if we operated from a consciously questioning state of mind?  Try it and see if your world transforms.

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