Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Book Covers

Here are some covers for books. As you can see I've not yet added the signature (papers) so the books are open with the cover on the right side. I have been working on Queen of Arts stuff as well as some other projects that have kepted me so busy I'm hardly on the computer.

This past weekend I went to my 3oth High School Reunion from Tam High in Mill Valley, CA. It was an interesting experience. Once on the fringe, always on the fringe. I enjoyed the dancing and reminiscing about Interrelated Studies the school within the school that help me make it through high school with fellow IRS class members. Also I met up with a student whose artistic skills I admired way back then. I told him I still have a few of his drawings in my portfolio of special art. His name is Kevin Kihn and he is a fantasy and science fiction artist.

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