Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Art Show- the face Of It Sept.2 - 30, 2008

The reason I have not been posting lately is because I have been sooooo busy. As soon as I got back from my family reunion, I was in studio cutting mats getting ready for my one woman show at the Grossman Gallery in Lompoc. It is a very big space and I hung it with Syd on the 2nd of September. Sixty Six pieces in all and I went home with a few that wouldn't fit!!! I based it on the work I did on this blog A Face A Day, though not all the pieces are from this project. I'm happy with how it looks and have sold a few pieces. I hope to sell more so I can cover the cost of frames!!!! My goal is to get to a place where I can afford to have the work framed by someone else!!!

As they say, when it rains it pours. While busy working on this show, I got a couple of calls from businesses that wanted my jewelry in their shops- and now!!! So I really had my work cut out for me, and i don't see an end in sight as I gear up for the holidays. I am having a blast working with jewelry. The ideas are more than I have time for!!!


Barb's Blurbs said...

Hi Carol!

You may remember me from your childhood...I'm Bea's younger sister, Barb. She was telling me about your work (after said family reunion) and I realized that I had seen some of your work in either CPS or QA! So, she gave me your card and here I am, drooling over your work. I'm dabbling in fiber arts and quilting myself but not selling anything. I love the bracelet that Bea purchased! Congrats on your one woman show! Lompoc, huh? I went to school at Cal Poly, but am now up in Washington state!

Take care! You daughter sure has the Kemp genes!


Joy Logan said...

Nice blog too!