Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Family Reunion 2008

I have not stopped since I got back home from my family reunion in August. Above is a preliminary design for the official Tee shirt that I screen printed one by one on Sat and Sun with the help of a few of my cousins. It was an art weekend for me as I also lead the group of us in making books for my Mother Roberta and her sister, my Aunty Janice with whom we all celbrated their 80th and 85thBirthdays perspectively.
This is the group shot from my camera, but there where a lot of photos taken as two freinds from Finland got the job of taking the picture of all the family. they both had 5 or 6 cameras to shot. There were over 50 people who came from all over the state and country, and seven people from Finland all camping in the redwoods of Mendocino County. We had one flush toilet, no hot water, (we did have the use of the sauna) and way too much food!!!. Camp Serenity truly is an incredible place.

Here are the two octagenarians, Roberta and Janice. They really are quite spry!

As soon as I got back it was into the studio as I have a lot of shows going on.

I've been have too much fun drilling Mermaid tears (sea glass) and rocks.

I love these bracelets.

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