Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Gocco printing and ATC's

Above is "Conversation" a print on the one of the pages of the book and behind you can see the drawing that it was taken from.

Below is the screen that has been taped to dam the single image I want to print.
Below is the Gocco printer with the registration board inked up and ready to print. Check out our new Printing/hammering area, (Syd and I seem to always have "areas" or stations to work on paricular projects, but that doesn't mean other projects don't invade); this is a heavy duty folding table that was donated to the Art Clinic by Wendy G. and her family. Her husband and son had to deliver it cause it is sooooo heavy. I use it to pound metal and it works really well. The stuff on the table only partially shakes around(ha ha). On the day thes photos were taken there wasn't any hammering going on!
When I finish the 21 pages I hate to waste ink so usually run a bunch of ATC's if the image is the right size. I wish I was able to have gone to the ATC swap in SB tday 'cause i got loads of ATC's.
Below are a few of the pages. I just love multiples!!!

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Syd said...

How many studios have a hammering area? I tell ya we are soooo lucky!