Monday, March 23, 2009

Etched copper with Silver frame Necklace

Here is the best photo I have of the newest etched pieces. The "Tolerence" part moves. Soon I will have the time to take better photos, though my photographer is leaving on a business trip :( I'll have to step up to the task. Next week is spring break for me. Maybe I can do it then.


rscoach said...

This piece is amazing! You really have been quite busy - I like the direction of your recent work - congrats! Reva (Los Angeles)

Artmom said...

Hi Carol!
I bought your etsy piece with the cat, went looking through my 'stuff' and realized you have nothing for sale!! Wish you'd put some of the examples from your classes??? Wish I lived in california too!! What fun to come to a class with you! At least put something new in your shop!! Deb

carolk said...

Hey Artmom, thank you for the comment. You are right I need to get some stuff out there on Etsy. It's all about time. It's on my list though. Peace to you, Carol