Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gocco Prints into Mini Books

Do you remember my book printing escapade which I started a few months ago? Well, I'm almost finished with the cover- but before I could do that cover I had to make a prototype for it 'cause I wasn't sure of things would print-so that process became a whole other series of limited edition books.
I call these Matchbook Books because they are in the style of a matchbook. They are about 2" x 3" and have watercolor paper inside. The one above is called "Safe Journey" which is an affirmation for the journey we all take in life no matter the map (or lack of one).

This one above (the close up and open view) is called, "Four Crows on a wire".
Above is "Pomegranate Abundance" and is the image that started this whole thing. I want to use this similar idea for the cover of my limited edition journal, you know the one I started way back in May.
Just today as I was putting this book on my etsy site I realized I spelled Pomegranate wrong!!!
This is how my brain works and one of the so called faults that used to make me cringe. But tonight as I realized my mistake I know I have done a lot of growth lately as I am laughing rather than feeling like a complete idiot and thinking"what will they think of my intelligence?" As for now, I think it is okay and adds a bit more uniqueness to the piece. These are Art Books after all. Who says I didn't plan it that way!!!!

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