Sunday, September 20, 2009

meditation, health and a full life

I truly apologize to anyone who comes to my blog and finds that I have not up dated forever. I have open a shop on etsy and that eats up so much of my time. On top of that I have made a promise to myself to exercise and meditate daily before I go to the Art Clinic. That means I have to get up early to at least meditate before Ruth gets up otherwise I'll never fit it in. The exercise I have chosen is bike riding and I travel across town on bike paths for 45 min. I have gone everyday save one for over 3 wks now and have noticed an improvement in my butt!!! Thank god, because I am a lousy dieter!!!
The meditation is something I have done on and off for years but never made it a priority. I've decided, as I turn 50 next week, it is important to finally make the commitment to my improved health both physically and spiritually as that in turn will help my emotional self (though today was really hard, I probably should have stayed in bed, but I am better now).
While I ride my bike I borrow Ruth's MP3 player (it's called a Creative Zen) and I listen to inspirational audio books. At this time I have been listening to Deepak Chopra recite the Bhagavad-Gita, something I have wanted to read but never got very far. He does a wonderful job explaining the metaphor of the story and the power of language. I highly recommend this audio book. I borrowed it from the library. It is called, "Sacred Verses, Healing Sounds."

I am truly grateful for my life.

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