Friday, May 06, 2011

Sugar-The bitter Truth

 If you know me, you know that I am a self proclaimed sugar addict. I have had a sweet tooth since I can remember, and with adulthood, I have no one regulating how much I eat.  I am undisciplined in this regard as well, and as I am now in my 5th decade I am caring around an extra 30 lbs plus.  My family and I are going on vacation in June and though I do not kid myself to think I could get into a bikini- I would like to be able to wear my clothes!!!  So I started to research how to combat my sugar addiction.  I found this very throughly informative video lecture by UCSF professor, Robert Lustig.
 You have got to watch this- give yourself the gift of knowledge-takes over an hour but it is life saving information and since this epidemic in our food will not be regulated by the government, we must all be proactive for our lives (something I advocate anyway as the government certainly does not know what is best for me)!!! and in case you are afraid he will tell you that you can only eat veggies to be healthy, I'll let you in on the end diet he recommends for his patients, who are obese kids:
No sugary drinks only water and milk
Eat carbs with fiber
Wait 20 mins before having seconds
Exercise or movement min by min for screen time
Following these 4 things and they have had great success.  The thing that made it not work was drinking sugary drinks. (Gatorade and other"sports" drinks are lethal). 
this is a great video, I'm making my family watch it!!!!


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BBBnL said...

Carol...I went on a GI diet in January and eliminated processed sugar from my diet, also all white food (white flour, white rice, white potatoes). I have never felt better in my life...and I have lost 30 pounds. The best part...I don't miss sugar at all.