Thursday, June 02, 2011

Art of the Cage Doll

I have been spending that last few weeks making dolls for a show at Indigo, one of my favorite galleries in Santa Barbara.  Though Indigo is not technically an Art Gallery, as they specialize in fine furnishings for the home, it is like being in a galley as the owners and buyers for the shop have exquisite taste that lean towards the east. 
Genny, one of the owners has purchased my jewelry before for her shop, and now I will have two Cage Dolls  on display (and for sale) along with 16 other artists.  The opening is 1st Thursday (that is tonight) from 5pm-7:30pm at Indigo, 1323 State Street, Santa Barbara, next to the Arlington.  This show will be up through June 18, 2011. 
Notice the egg shells in the nest which house a little book.  I made six in all that speak of the power of Crow.

Within and Without-Crow Totem

The Mouth of a Wise Woman is in her Heart

The heart is Keum Bo which is an ancient Korean Technique of bonding metals.  This heart is pure silver with 24k gold. 

While making these two pieces it occurred to me that I was touching all of the genre of art that I love to make, from costumes (the crows robes and the crinoline frame), painting ,metal smithing, bookmaking, assemblage and something I've not done a lot of, sculpture.  I am ready to explore sculpture more, especially in Silver!!!

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