Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Year of the Crow -Carved Stamps and dishwashing

Today has been a day full of everything I love- even the dishes were done with love- I do love the warm soapy water and getting the sink cleared- it is very satisfactory to wipe up the counter when it is all finished- but alas there is always another dish I find and the clean counter is no more.
Then I moved onto photographing jewelry and some meditation-
tonight I finished carving an eraser- it has 4 different images and I am selling it on my new etsy shop.

 Tomorrow I will be finishing up some ornaments I started.
Also I have started a new blog with inspired writings I do. It is named The Year of the Crow.

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taste masters said...

your energy today for your ornaments was intoxicating. I wanted to jump on the energy train you were driving. It inspired me to want to create something to speak to me the way your art was to you. I too find some comfort in the washed dish or maybe it's the completion of the task. Art completes me the same way. Thanks coach!