Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mixed Media Jewelry

Here is one of the necklaces I made today. I was supposed to be drawing faces of demons for a piece i am working on and just couldn't get to it. I overtly allowed myself to be sidetracked by reading Lenart Kazmer's new book "making connections" which is chalked full of ideas for making cold connections and other inspirations. Being a self-taught jewelry artist, I am happy to report that I have used many of these techniques (ego talking). I learned a bundle though, and had so much fun.

The pendant is a copper piece that has been etched and pounded into a bowl shape. I drew beads of silver from my wire to create headpins, and used a"bezel" from the top of a chopstick I had and stuffed it with a roled-up piece of an altered page of paper from a book, on which I wrote a prayer for peace, held together with a pin of wire, the ends of which I hammered flat. this was connected to a thick rondel of coral. The wire hanging in back has a piece of amber with a fine silver pendant with a hand.

The photos do not do this piece justice as it is striking if i do say so myself.

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