Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Art

I have been inspired by the work of an artist by the name of Anne Bagby. One of the things she does that I like (because I love faces and patterns) is she cuts her own stamps and prints unique papers which she uses with her lovely drawings of faces and hands. I have admired her work for a few years now and have finally decided to try my hand at making characters using paper, faces and hands. Some of the papers are decorated with my hand cut stamps, something I have enjoyed creating for a long time, and I needed a good excuse to practice drawing hands (more faces too).
Below are two I did today and the beginning of a new passion, as the possibilities are endless.

"Huburt the Earless"
4" x 8"

"Count Niko"


8" x 10"



5" x 7"

Here is the latest in my collection of chickens which are now showing and selling atThe Quackenbush Cafe and Gallery in Los Alamos. I also have jewelry there. It is an honor to have my work there hanging with my friends Syd McCutcheon, Sue Sattler, Jo Helgesen and Susan Buchanan as well as with all the other artists that the Gallery shows. The food is really good too!!

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