Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gocco Printing

Because I have nothing else to do (Ha!!), I decided to start a large project using my Gocco printer which I have had for a very,very long time (since Ruth's birth) and have not used much. I have recently discovered how very wonderful this little printer is and have used it to make ATC's and, as you may recall, my family reunion T-shirt.
The other day while procrastinating while working on my Illustrator homework, I fell upon (if that is what one does in cyberspace), an engaging site
web home of Shu-Ju Wang who is a prolific painter, print maker/ teacher and all around fantastic artist. She was showing some of her exploits using her Gocco and I just had to do something too!!!
In truth the idea of making a limited edition of a journal has been rolling around in my head for sometime now as I begin to get my coffers full of art stuff to sell for the various shows I will be participating in that are swiftly approaching in 2009. When my class was canceled on Monday, I seized the opportunity to begin the project. I spent most of the day on Tuesday working on it as well and above and below are two mock-ups for printing plates containing some of the imagery I will be printing.
The books I am making are journals so the images appear on the edges and in the corners of the pages. I am making an edition of 20 so it took a few hours just to make the mock-up.
Printing is always fun but does take a bit of forethought which is not always my strength.

These animals sitting around drinking come from a large composition I once did as an idea for a mural that would go onto the wall of a jazz club. I love their expressive nature.

Wouldn't you know that when I went to begin making my master plates I realized I didn't have enough bulbs to "flash" my masters!!! I printed what I could and have since ordered and received the materials I need to complete this task. Now it is just a matter of time!!!
By the way, Gocco, which is manufactured in Japan has recently stopped making the printers and slowly the supplies are dwindling in the US of A. If you want a more detailed disscription of Gocco's and what that is all about just google "Gocco". Basically it is a machine that allows one to make a silk screen type of plate using heat and carbon.
Now I really must start work on my Digital Drawing Mid-term argh!!!

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