Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Working with Illustrator

SelfPortrait I: Aspects of me.
Here I moved into the realm of abstraction to represent parts of me- and of course there are much more to me than just three, but the ones that seem to loom largest are here; mother, artist and thinker. ( I'm not sure how well you can see the baby, the paintbrush (no that is not a cigerette holder) and the artist beret.

These two images are my submission for a class project in which we were to create two self-portraits, a project which would seem right up my ally. However, working with a computer, a mouse and thankfully a stylus is a world apart from a pencil, paint and a paint brush. What I lack in experience using the software, I am grateful to have in experience. I have been learning a lot in my classes, but mostly I am learning how much there is to learn!!! I recognize the potential of these graphic programs, in Illustrator I can create perfectly symmetrical imagery which I would be hard pressed to produce on my own ( I was never good a drawing a straight line even with a rule which inevitable always moved as I drew the line): in photoshop the possibilities for creating unique imagery for my collage and bookcover work is endless. So I move forward and truly I enjoy school. I always have, especially when I don't have to write papers!!!

Self protrait II- Frustration
This piece represents the frustration I encounter while trying to do certain things within Illustrator and not knowing how to acheive the desired results. One huge luxury in working on the computer is the increable color palette and the ease in which to try out different color schemes. And on the same note, one can save endless versions until you create what you like!!!

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