Saturday, January 05, 2008

Brenda Bliss commented on my last post asking me what else was on my life's goal list. I wish I knew where that list was. I remember writing five things and one was being published, another was getting my masters or higher (go figure) and another had something to do with being successful as an artist. I don't remember them all. I wrote that list when my son was 3 years old and he will be turning 20 in March. I have always had good results with list writing and encourage it for anyone who has something they want in their life, even if they have no idea of how they would achieve or receive that which is written. My experience has been that I have always gotten what I ask for, it just takes awhile and sometimes it isn't what I thought it would be. Remember the adage, careful what you ask for as you might get it.

When I graduated collage with a BA in Dramatic Arts with an emphasis in Costuming I had no idea how I would support myself as theatre didn't pay well, but I said I was going to teach art. When I went to apply for the teaching progam I was completely intimidated by my first interview on the phone and continued my job as a waitress. 15 years later I was teaching art and have continued that vocation in one manner or another since (and though I did do the course work in teaching, I never got my credential) working with local community groups in elementary schools (as what I call an itenerat art teacher) and 4 years as a high school art teacher at a private prep school (Dunn School). Now I run the Art Clinic with my friend Syd McCutcheon where I get to work and teach. By the way, though I never got my credential, the school district in which I live has no problem hiring me for long term jobs when they need me, because I know my business and thankfully I never did get my credential 'cause then I never would have taken the risks I have because I would have been making decent money as a teacher but my butt would be really big due to my eating too much for comfort and I would be really unhappy- and I say that not to disrespect puplic teachers on the contrary, just that I know myself and I know how unfulfilled I would be in that situation, especially now that my dream of making art constantly is happening.

Okay, since you asked Brenda, I have one last story about my list writing coming true.

When my daughter was one year old and I was 41, unwed and on my own I decided I determined that I did indeed want a man in my life both for me and my children, but I had some very specific characteristics I wanted in that relationship and in that man, so I wrote a list. I was very specific as to what I wanted in terms of values and emotional and spiritual evolution and involvement. I am happy to report that I met my husband quiet swiftly after writing that list, and he met the majority of those attributes I asked for. He is a great man and supports the arts, woman and children and I mean that physically, emotionally, spiritually as wall as financially.

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brenda bliss said...

Thanks for answering my question...guess I had better figure out some goals and get writing them down! I find that really knowing what my goals/dreams are is the toughest part...
baby steps, ya think?
big hugs.
brenda bliss