Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles

My cousin Teresa invited me for an outing, my choice for my birthday which was in September. I was finally able to take a day (Jan.2) and I chose The Getty. I love this museum as it is such a beautiful space. The exhibits we saw were visiting shows so I wasn't allowed to take photos, (I learned as I was taking pics)but i included here some images of the gardens which are so spectacular against the panarama of Los Angeles. The weather was warm and clear, well as clear as L.A. gets. Really we are so spoiled in California!!!
We saw a lot of great art, including a retrospective of nude photography, a huge show of photographer Graciela Iturbide (fantastic), Medievil Treasures from the Cleavland Museum of Art- this show was full of incredable jewelry,reliquery, illuminate manuscripts and icons from early christian europe- China on Paper which had some beautiful works from china some showing christian influence, and lastly, Taddeo and Federico Zuccaro-Artist Brothers in Renaissance Rome- lovely drawings and paintings too.

I love the cactus garden but my photos do not show off the aesthetically pleasing brilliance of the gardens especially juxtaposed to the concrete jungle behind it.

This is the main garden and very enjoyable to stroll through, though Teresa and I did not get a chance to as we went to five different exhibits!!! Boy my dogs are still yapping!

We ended are art crawl with a trip to Sawtelle St to hit a few Japanese shops and this Gallery of Alternative art called The Giant Robot. Very cool stuff.

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