Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Visual Journaling with modest supplies

As a mother of a school aged child, my schedule changes radically during school breaks. For me it means more time to hang with the family, but my creative needs are not completely quenched with all the cooking I've been doing. I live 30 min. from my studio, so I haven't been there for a week, ugh!!! And though I do have a studio space at my home, the materials are very limited and being located in the garage it is cold. Besides I wanted to at least be in the same room with my family so I thought I would challenge myself by working in a writing journal I found in my drawer ( I hadn't written in for over a year) and using limited supplies, such as a glue stick (I am a gel medium fan but I'm looking for low mess), a pen, stickers I made from magazines and a zyron I've been saving (for this I guess), and a bird paper punch I found in the Martha Stewart section at Micheal's on sale. Oh, I forgot to mention the Mary Engelbright stickers I found at Micheals too. (Micheal's just opened in the town where I live, which is sort of bittersweet; sweet because it is nice to have an art and craft store near by and bitter because I always find stuff I don't need but have to have, like the paper punch and the stickers!!!)

When working in my visual journals, I tend to rely on gesso and paint so these pages seem a bit white to me, though on the crow above I used paint and colored pencils help lessen the white of the paper. Notice the bird, both positive and negative image used on the borders. Also I love the black pen. It really lends itself to simple illustrations.

It is amazing how much satifaction I get from a bit of work in my journal. My art withdrawls have been alleviated for now.

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