Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cloth Paper Scissors

Years ago, I wrote a list of life goals and one them was to get published. At that time I was thinking I would write a book in my old age, but low and behold I can cross that one item, being published, off my list as the below article is in the Jan/Feb 2008 (16th issue)of Cloth Paper Scissors a Mixed Media Art Magazine. I was so excited whenI saw the spread. The article has three of my paintings included as well as the technique I described, both visually and literally. This is a fantastic New Years gift. If you are interested in reading the article, Cloth Paper Scissors is sold at Borders and Barnes and Noble.


brenda bliss said...

Carol---Congrats on accomplishing one of your life's goals! Can you share what else is on your list?
Brenda Bliss

rscoach said...

Carol - I just read your article over the weekend but didn't know it was you because I never knew your last name - just knew you as CarolK from your blog and our yahoo group! It's a wonderful article and congrats on being published!!! I just taught a goals workshop this weekend - we also made accordian books to put our goals in - a great turnout and lots of fun! Congrats again on getting published- Reva Solomon (Los Angeles)